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Naruto Fanfic Recs

~because there has to be something good out there

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As anyone who has so much as glanced casually at the Naruto section of ff.net will know, Naruto fanfic in general is really, really bad. This is why we have communities like the ff_anbu to help us laugh at the things we would otherwise cringe at.

But as much fun as that can be, don’t you just sometimes want to read an honestly good Naruto fanfic? One where the characters are the happy (or homicidal) ninja we all know and love? Where the romance is actually romantic and the pairing actually make sense? Stories that aren’t written like the author gave up on that whole grammar nonsense back in the second grade?

There are a lot of good fics out there too; the problem is that they are so hard to find through all the tripe.

The goal of this community is to 1) gather as many links to good Naruto fanfiction as possible and 2) help bring more readership to talented authors who are often ignored in favor of “Omg Sakura is a whore wll sasuke resue her??//?/?” type stories.

Posting Format:
While a bare list of links is better than nothing (or another sludge through ff.net), the truth is that most of us don’t have the time or inclination to read everything recommended to us. We need to know why you think reading that “Shikamaru and Temari go on a date” fic is better than cleaning up our bedrooms or playing another round of The Sims.

Therefore, all recs are to be posted like this:

Author: Either ff.net account, website, or e-mail address.
Summary: A line or two about the plot, rating, and pairings, if any.

Good: This is important; tell us what you liked about the fic and be specific! Characterization, action, story-telling, whatever. Fangirl/boy to your heart’s delight.
Not-So-Good: (Optional) Something about the fic that didn’t make it bad, but that you didn’t like or thought could use improvement. This will give us, the readers, a better sense of the quality of the story and possibly give the author an idea of how to improve her/his writing.

Ground Rules:
If you break a rule, I’ll give you two more chances to redeem yourself. Fail and you’re out. So if you have any questions or problems, contact me before they become something major. Whining at me after I’ve banned you will only get you laughed at.

1) Fic recs only! I’m sure the story of who you are and how you came into the Naruto fandom is very fascinating, but frankly that’s not what we are here for. You can introduce yourself with your lists of recs if you feel the need to. Additionally, if you have some fics that you’d love to suggest, but don’t have the time write the rec for yourself, feel free to post them in a comment to another post.
2) Don’t rec your own fics. It's tacky. Let other people do the pimpage for you.
3) Be honest about the story you are recommending. This is a big one; the last thing I want is someone posting a beautifully written rec about their best friend’s pointless, misspelled, sugar induced piece of crap-fic. Also, it’s important to warn people about questionable material; i.e., you may think your favorite KakaIru mpreg is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but its not going to go over well if you happen to forget the mpreg warning in your rec.
4) Be considerate of the moderator and other posters. Mocking in good spirit is okay, but keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor as you. If you feel you are being harassed, come to me first! Start a fight without me and I will drop you like a hot rock.

My last comment is more of a suggestion; fics with high review counts that everybody and their Rock Lee plushy has read have obviously gotten a lot of publicity already. That doesn’t mean you can’t share what you adore about them with everyone here, but do try to pepper your recs with fics that aren’t as well known. Spread the love to the less fortunate!! *cough*

Whether you join or just hang around, please enjoy your stay and let me (sadieko) know if you have any suggestions or questions. Happy fic-hunting!